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We the Women

July 19-21, 2024

We the Women invites you to a 3-day campout of activist education, radical feminism, and sisterhood building. Presenters will address the history leading to the current legal conflation of sex and gender and the implications of gender ideology for the future. This event will emphasize skill sharing to increase our agency as activists on personal, local, regional, state, and national levels. 


The We the Women presenters are from various racial, economic, and educational backgrounds. We the Women is a non-partisan event. 


We call this gathering to collectively envision the future for women and young people. This will be a single-sex event in open space focused on activist education, effective communication, and political strategies.

Our original venue contract has been canceled BY WOMEN! 

We have secured a new venue in the PNW and will not let this attempted cancellation stop us.

Your donations are needed!

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You Can Make a Difference!

We need to raise $10,000 to make WtW happen! DONATE today to help us achieve our mission of UNITING ALL WOMEN-BORN-WOMEN against the legal erosion of women’s sex-based rights!


Come hear these powerful women speak

  • Erin Friday: Legislative advocacy and public speaking.

  • K.Yang: Creating a public record of our dissent; An action tool kit for dissident women.

  • Ann Menasche: Analysis of the two faces of the antifeminist backlash.

  • Mello aka RevFoxx USA: Organize social media content, create branding, and more.

  • Suzanne Forbes-Vierling, PhD: Igniting Transformation and Driving Impact

What to Expect

We the Women presenters will provide an overview of the different waves of feminism and the advent of queer theory and gender ideology.


Speakers will give a summary of the current legal reality in our country and define the problems we are facing. This will include the conflation of sex and gender in law, the daily ramifications of this legal erosion of sex-based rights, and the issues affecting minors and their parents.


Finally, and most importantly, the presenters will provide tools and resources for taking action to ensure the restoration and protection of the rights of women and girls and all youth.

Workshops will be interactive and attendees are invited to participate fully, ask questions, share their experiences, and be engaged!


The skill sharing and education will focus on how to take action at various levels, starting with how to have effective one-on-one conversations with our friends, peers, and colleagues about the ways gender ideology is impacting women, girls, and all young people. Topics will include how to approach the subject, ways to communicate its relevance, and when/how to provide resources/studies/facts.

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The second level will address how to take action at community levels, including how to find other like-minded activists, how to organize safe protests and local campaigns, and ways to take action within your community (banner drops, distributing flyers, etc).


The third level is that of effectively contacting and participating at organizational and governmental levels. We will cover how to attend and make comments at meetings and hearings and how to correspond with school boards and local, state, and national government.


The focus of this event is on political planning and activism; however, we will also have time for sisterhood building and getting to know each other. We will have opening and closing circles to help us establish trust and community, a speed meeting and networking activity, spaces to write letters and make activist art, a singing performance and open mic, and of course home cooked food!


Activist resources will be provided in both paper and digital form, so that attendees will have materials to access and use upon return to their communities.


Join us in the beautiful Pacific Northwest near the Oregon-California border for this political activism event, taking place July 2024! Arrival on the event grounds is July 18th, with programming starting Friday morning, July 19th and concluding midday Sunday the 21st. 


Pricing & Other Important Info

Ticket Pricing - $185

Low-income and generous buyer options are also available at registration.

How to Register

For the safety and integrity of our event, all who wish to attend must pre-register and be vetted before being given the link to purchase tickets. Visit the Tickets page to get started!

Additional Questions

We've put together an extensive FAQ page and we encourage you to read through it before pre-registering. We answer questions about accommodations, meals, and much more. If you have a question that is not listed there, please reach out to us on our Contact page.

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